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Melting Pot Project


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The Melting Pot Project is a documentary that sets out to collect as many stories of multicultural romance a possible.


We want the largest sampling possible so we can distill the lessons to be learned from these relationships and feature the most representative couples in the documentary.  To do all that we need your help.


Please take a moment to share your story of multicultural romance with us.  We are looking for people who have had any kind of a romantic relationship with someone from a different race, ethnicity, religion, and/or country.  Whether you dated once or have been married for years, your story is important to us.


The more stories we hear the more we can learn.  Learn if cultural differences make a difference, learn how the reactions of families and society have honestly changed over time, learn how to make love last and, hopefully, learn how to spread the love and communicate better even in relationships that aren’t of a romantic nature.


Please fill out the forms below as thoroughly as possible.  Be sure to give us some means of contacting you.  We may reach out to ask if you’d participate in the project further.


We appreciate your willingness to share your story.  Who knows?  Your story may be just the inspirational or cautionary tale someone needs.


Thanks for taking the time.


One last thing…please share this site with everyone you know.  You never know who has a gem of a story that they haven’t shared with all of their friends yet.


Tell us about yourself:

If your last name has changed through marriage, include original last name.
(Check all that apply)

Tell us about your partner:

If your partner's last name has changed through marriage, include original last name.
(Check all that apply)

Tell us about your Relationship:

(e.g. - How did the relationship begin or end, reactions of friends and family, reactions of others, Did the cultural differences make a difference in the relationship? 3000 words max.)
(Maximum file size is 10 megs.)
If you've got an introduction video uploaded to a website like YouTube or VImeo, paste the link here.

Contact Information: