Let us introduce you to the world of brainwave entrainment (BWE) and its incredible benefits and effects. Much of what is currently written about brainwave entrainment (especially on the internet) is just plain wrong and after personally analyzing much of what is out there it became apparent to us that there was a need for people to know the truth and not the marketing hype. Its truly amazing how so many so-called experts out there tell us things as if they knew what they were talking about.


How many times do you think of your mind? Have you ever stopped to admire its incredible power? If you are like most of the population, then your answer will be “no”. It is said that we use only a mere 10% of our brain, Yet we rarely think about investing some time in training our brain. For a long time, scientists believed that the development of our brain was beyond our ability. Fortunately for us, this hypothesis has dissolved into nothingness.

There are ways to increase mental abilities

... did you know?