Divorce is difficult enough without extra paperwork & costs. Complete your New York State "uncontested/no-fault" divorce paperwork in under 20 minutes for $49.

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We simplify the process for qualifying persons filing for divorce under New York's no-fault / uncontested divorce law. See below to learn more.

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About NYDAPP ("NYDAPP") is an online platform that assists individuals filing for divorce under N.Y. Domestic Relations Law § 170(7). This is typically referred to as an "uncontested" or "no-fault" divorce.

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Big time money saver. It really helped with an already difficult situation. Thank you very much!

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So much less than other sites or attorneys without sacrificing service! Hopefully you will start to review outside divorce paperwork soon.

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Attorney fees usually run between $500 & $2,500 for an uncontested/no-fault divorce. Multi-state online platforms charge between $139 & $260. By focusing only on NY, we provide the best value for NY petitioners.

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A Few FAQs

Have a question? Check below. We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions here for your convenience.

You get all the forms you need to file an uncontested/no-fault divorce where there are NO CHILDREN of the marriage in a PDF file. This includes a completed summons and complaint, all other documents required to file for an uncontested divorce in New York pre-filled, and basic instructions for filing your divorce paperwork. You may download and print said documents or email it for printing at no extra charge. (For $79 you will get everything you get with the $49 packet PLUS be able to enter child information. Additionally, you will receive links for additional forms required for an uncontested/no-fault divorce where there are CHILDREN of the marriage).

No. You can complete and file your divorce paperwork on your own. However, if you would like a licensed attorney to review your paperwork, you may pay an additional $99 for review of 1 divorce packet where there are NO CHILDREN of the marriage, or an additional $199 for review of 1 divorce packet where there are CHILDREN of the marriage. You may select the attorney review option at checkout. If selected, an attorney will contact you to make arrangements to review your paperwork.

Court costs are not included. As of this writing, you will need to pay: (1) $210 for an Index Number; (2) $95 for the Request for Judicial Intervention ("RJI"); and, (3) $30 for the Note of Issue ("NOI). For the most accurate pricing, please check the 2192260940. You may also need to pay a process server to serve the Summons, Complaint and other required documents.

It depends. It is difficult to tell how long your divorce will take as many factors are in play. For example, the speed of the venue, whether there are children of the marriage, whether the defendant agreed to sign the"affidavit of defendant", whether there was an error in filing your divorce documents can all affect the the length of adjudication.

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